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a week in india. a few days in both new delhi and jaipur. long dusty car journeys in between, but worth it for the elephant polo, the amber palace and the pink city. good to meet up with old friends and find some time for the great street markets and craft bazaars.

link to japan photos

six days in tokjo. very nearly did not make it as the snow in england meant that the airports were chaos. worth the trouble though as tokyo was as exhilarating as ever, always changing and evolving (though the loss of one of my favorite restaurants was a bit of a blow). Its such an energising mix its a little hard to accept real life on the return home.

link to photos of berlin

five days in berlin. mostly trade fairs; bread & butter, capsule, premium etc, but some time to mooch around, sit in the mitte cafe and avoid the rain as the weather was very grey and wet. great excuse to spend a couple of hours in 'do you read me' best magazine shop in berlin.

link to new york photos

short week in New York. unexpected warm weather, almost like early spring , very unlike the last few years where i have been used to snow blizzards and frozen winds.